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Chocolate Hollow Figures

Chocal is the worldwide market leader in the development of moulded packaging for chocolate figures and much more. Make your products stand out at the points of sale while protecting the environment!

From easter bunnies to surprise eggs - we have the right packaging for your product. Our packaging consists of brilliantly printed, preformed halves. Those are delivered to you as preformed half-shells or on the roll, so that you can package your products directly at yours. Chocal packaging can be made with a variety of sustainable materials and barrier coatings. 



Barrier Coatings:

  • Oxygen

  • Fat and oil

  • Water vapour

  • Aroma


  • Private Labelling

  • Printing with texts and images

  • Free form design

  • Temper evidence seal 


  • 20-350mm

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Our Advantages

Maximum Perfection

Your figures are given a flawless appearance -

the perfect second skin.


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Detailed Figurativeness

Unlimited shaping options: Chocal can pack figures that cannot be packed using competing methods.

chocal advantages.png

Better Legibility

Your labelling requirements on our packaging are perfectly legible.

chocal advatages.png

Optimised Protection

With our packaging your products are better protected.


chocal advantages.png

Increased Safety

The packaging can be sealed with a tamper-evident seal.


chocal advantages.png


Due to the gentle handling of your products, the amount of waste is decreased.

chocal advantages.png


From mini to maxi formats, all figures can be produced on a single machine.

chocal advantages.png
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Benefit from our customer-oriented product development!

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