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A world without plastic waste

- our packaging systems make it possible.

Discover the power of versatility with our cutting-edge packaging machines at Chocal. Our machines are meticulously crafted in a flexible modular system, allowing them to adapt to a wide range of materials, including biodegradable, recyclable, and even future material innovations. With our technology, we've mastered the art of creating sustainable packaging without compromising on aesthetics, precision, colors, shapes, and protection.

At Chocal, we believe that sustainability should never sacrifice quality or design. Our machines have been engineered to deliver exceptional results, ensuring that your packaging not only aligns with your eco-conscious values but also enhances your product's appeal and protection. Embrace the future of sustainable packaging with us and witness how form meets function flawlessly, setting new standards for environmental responsibility and packaging excellence. Join us in shaping a greener, more beautiful world, one package at a time.

Better for your Products, Better for the Planet

Chocal packaging makes your products stand out at the points of sale while protecting them perfectly. Our packaging systems are based on the principles of an ideal circular economy. At Chocal, we believe that progressive technologies hold the key to solving sustainability issues. In the past, packaging was either attractive with optimal product protection or sustainable, but not both.

We have succeeded in resolving this conflict.

Custom Solutions 

Your brand is unique, and so are your packaging requirements. We offer tailored solutions that perfectly align with your vision and product needs. Chocal is your all-in-one partner and takes care of everything from the initial idea until the perfectly packaged product. We provide the following and more:

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Packaging Process


Sustainable Materials


At Chocal, we specialise in creating packaging solutions for a wide spectrum of industries. Our expertise lies in crafting bespoke packaging, precisely tailored to meet each customer's specific needs. From concept to delivery, we work closely with our clients to ensure that their products are impeccably packaged, leaving a lasting impression on their customers.


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