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We build machines that uniquely enable the production of new types of sustainable packaging. Our packaging is obtained from natural raw materials without losing the comfortable properties of moulded plastic packaging. Make your product stand out while being more sustainable. With us, you no longer bring plastic into circulation and thus contribute to environmental protection and avoid further species extinction and pollution of our oceans!

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Paper Packaging

We are particularly proud of our sustainable packaging solutions made of paper. This way, your products are protected perfectly and you do something good for the environment. Your customers will appreciate that! We can either make the packaging completely out of paper or apply various barrier coatings to it, which are made of biopolymers. This way, your products can be protected against oxygen, fat, aroma and moisture. Of course, the paper packaging can be designed in different brilliant colours and printed with text as well as images.

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Recyclable or based on nutrients so it can be easily composted

Maximum product protection: Tamper-Evident Sealing

Printing with various texts and pictures possible

Reliable protection against water vapour, aroma, oxygen and fat

10 new trees are planted for every tree felled

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If you want your products to be visible,
our transparent fibre option is the right fit!


Fibre Packaging

With our clear, cellulose-based material we can particularly highlight your products! The transparent foils are ideally suited for blister packaging. They protect reliably, can be printed and simultaneously present the packaging contents.​

Our blister packaging is produced sustainably and can be easily composted. the transparent foil made of cellulose fiber contains no PLA and does not leave micro-plastics during the degradation process. 

The Problem with Conventional Biopolymers:

  • Only biodegradable within a very narrow framework in relation to parameters such as time, temperature, moisture, etc

  • Difficult to achieve and often incomplete, so that at the end of the life cycle of a package there is not a nutrient but waste, e.g. in the form of microplastics

The Solution: Chocal Cellulose Fibre

Both elements of the blister packaging can be formed, so they fit your product perfectly

Printed cellulose material with all the advantages of the Chocal packaging technology

Cost reduction: no bags, labels or clips are required to package your products safely

All our films and foils are compostable and based on nutritions for the perfect natural life cycle


Aluminium Packaging

Our packaging consists of brilliantly printed, preformed aluminium halves. Those are delivered to you as preformed half-shells or on the roll, so that you can package your products directly at yours. 
With the Chocal PAC technology, you can give your products an outstanding look in only four steps.

Of course, our aluminium packaging is recyclable. 

Recycling of Aluminium:

Recycling rates of aluminium are often over 90%. In addition, the recycling of aluminium offers ecological and economic benefits. It only requires five per cent of the energy used to produce primary aluminium. Furthermore, recycling reduces emissions. Germany is the world leader when it comes to recycling in the packaging sector. 


Perfect legibility and therefore barcodes are easily scannable

Maximum protection with our Temper-Evident Seal technology

Optimal adaption to products in various shapes and sizes

Smooth and flawless surface like a perfect second skin

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