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EU Regulation Act: Directive 2019/904

The Packaging Act will be amended on 01.07.2022. Already in 2019, companies that produced certain types of packaging were required to register with the packaging register LUCID. From 01.07.2022, however, final distributors of packaging must now also register and pay for the system participation of their packaging. This includes even bakers, butchers, florists and all who pack their goods in any type of packaging. By purchasing already pre-participated packaging, final distributors no longer have to pay for system participation, as this has already been done by the supplier, but the registration cannot be circumvented.

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If you package food in disposable plastic packaging or fill beverages in disposable cups at your point of sale, you will be obliged to offer reusable packaging in addition to your disposable packaging from 01.01.2023. The reusable packaging must not be disadvantaged compared to the single-use packaging.

Chocal Offers the Solution

With Chocal, you can avoid the introduction of reusable packaging and at the same time be even more sustainable. Companies are only obliged to introduce a reusable system if you put disposable plastic packaging into circulation. However, Chocal offers you packaging that is based on paper and/or biopolymers that have not been chemically modified. According to Directive (EU) 2019/904 [...], No. 11 such materials are exempt from this regulation.

By using our packaging you can continue to use your disposable packaging without having to offer a reusable system. You save a lot of organizational effort and your customers keep the comfort of disposing of their packaging as they did before. But now even with a good conscience, because our packaging is made entirely from natural raw materials, to which it also decomposes after use.



packaging is based on paper and/or biopolymers (no greenwashing like in the case of PLA) 

offers all advantages of moulded plastic packaging 

all requirements regarding shape, colour and much more can be realised

printing gives the opportunity to advertise on your product and to emphasise the sustainability aspect

no more plastic is brought into circulation which leads to the protection of the environment, endangered species and oceans


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