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Chocal wins SPC Innovator Award

We are thrilled to announce that Chocal has been honored with the SPC Innovator Award in the Product category!  Our groundbreaking innovation, the Chocal Paper Blister, has caught the attention of industry experts for its revolutionary approach to sustainable packaging.

The Chocal Paper Blister represents a significant leap forward in eco-friendly packaging solutions. By replacing traditional cartons with a paper tray inside, we've not only reduced material usage by up to 84% but also slashed CO2 emissions by an impressive 80%. 

This win is a testament to our dedication to environmental sustainability and innovation. We are proud to lead the way in creating packaging solutions that not only meet the needs of our clients but also contribute positively to the planet.

Thank you to the Sustainable Packaging Coalition for this incredible recognition, and a huge shoutout to our team for their hard work and creativity in bringing this game-changing product to life. Together, we are shaping a greener, more sustainable future, one innovation at a time! 


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