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A world without plastic waste

- our packaging technology makes it possible.

Various products perfectly packaged? 

Then Chocal is the right partner for you - the worldwide market leader in the development of sustainable moulded packaging for chocolate figures, drugstore items, takeaway, home products and much more.

Better for your Products, Better for the Planet

We have developed a machine technology to form sustainable materials which could not be formed in the past. Chocal packaging makes your products stand out at the points of sale while protecting them perfectly. In addition, we design all packaging based on the cradle to cradle principle, so there is no waste. With our various competencies we

support the complete product cycle including raw material logistics in a perfectly

natural circulatory system. All our packaging is recyclable or based on nutrients

and can therefore be easily composted. 

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AI-Powered Production

At Chocal, all production parameters are digitised and monitored constantly.

Customers can easily operate Chocal Packaging Technology using our AI-based assistance system, called Cephyre. Chocal packaging machines are digital by design. Our Cephyre technology enables highest productivity and safety in the production while creating a completely new service dimension.

Next Generation Technologies

State of the art engineering is the essence of Chocal.  Highly modular and flexible - our machines can be perfectly adapted to customer requirements. Chocal offers a wide range of packaging machines with different formats and performance classes. Whether mini, midi or maxi figures - with the modular machine portfolio from Chocal you determine your production cycle regardless of the size.


We develop packaging for a wide variety of industries - you want it, we will make it.

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World-class Technology

Our moulded packaging can be configured for almost any shape, any size and desired customer output. The contours and subtleties of the packaged product remain recognizable in all its details. Expressive printing and good legibility of barcodes and ingredients, for example, are a matter of course for Chocal. This results in an aesthetic, high-quality impression both haptically and visually, which demonstrably attracts more attention at the point of sale.


Thanks to our newly developed, pioneering technology, manufacturers can dispense with the conventional, environmentally harmful plastic blister packaging and thus

make an important contribution to reducing plastic waste. 


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