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Project: Strato - sponsored by Chocal

In the school year 2021/22, the Project:Strato team launched a weather balloon into the stratosphere to answer the research question "The stratosphere - a hostile place for life? The Projet:Strato team consisted of participants of the robotics and MINT-AG (grades 7-12) together with their coaches Mrs. Landeck and Mrs. Schmid as well as the team of the eule Gmünder Wissenswerkstatt. In order to be able to clarify the research question, several things flew along in the probe attached to the balloon: a data logger for measuring altitude and temperature, a UV sensor, a green lily, Icelandic moss, yeast fungi, and egg white. In addition to the important components for the experiment, the team decided to send a few fun items into the stratosphere with them. Therefore, a chocolate owl, a Lego man with a dog, which was supposed to represent the principal Mr. Botsch with his dog, two balloons filled with confetti and oxygen and UV beads also found their place on the probe.


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