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Successful launch of the HBG weather balloon (Gmünder Tagespost, 24.06.2022)

Schwäbisch Gmünd. Definitely a goosebump moment: "20, 19, 18," resounded from several hundred throats on Friday at noon in the courtyard of the Hans Baldung Gymnasium (HBG). Loudly heard were the students in particular, most of whom had pulled out a cell phone. They were filming how two boys from the "Projekt:Strato" team let the giant white balloon off the line at the end of the countdown. Immediately, the two-meter giant rose into the sky. On strings, it pulled a red parachute and a box behind it, about the size of a beverage crate. The launch of the weather balloon, which a team of students from the HBG sent to the edge of the earth's atmosphere for experimental purposes with the help of the Gmünder Wissenswerkstatt Eule, was a success.


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